DST should provide laboratory facilities to women who submit their project under Woman Scientist Scheme……

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Every year Department of Science and Technology (DST) announces women specific programs. They state that they are bringing women under one umbrella known as KIRAN (Knowledge Involvement in Research Advancement through Nurturing).

Projects under WOS-A, WOS-B and WOS-C schemes are submitted.

Most projects are accepted. This boosts up the confidence of young women researchers of this country. But what happens further…..

Do you know that most accepted projects never go into the pipeline?


The reason is not lack of funds or endeavor; nor, there is any backdrop in the enthusiasm of the women scientist.

In fact, the actual reason is ‘LACK OF LABORATORIES‘ in our country.

Presently, there are laboratories owned by private and government organizations. Most laboratories present in degree colleges are just a name. They don’t even have the basic facilities like water, gas system, electric connections etc.

Schools have laboratories which are hardly used. The laboratories are set up in schools just for the purpose of ‘inspection’; because they have to fulfill the norms.

Private laboratories look into their benefit before hosting a project.

DST offers a woman just to give a proposal but does not give the laboratory facility to do the project/research work.

In such a dilemma, I do not understand, how the mission of women’s involvement in research is fulfilled by them. It seems as if they are just advertising their own mission; they are not working for the fulfillment of that mission.

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