Letter to school psychologist in School Counsellor scenario.


The School Psychologist,

American Post Graduate School,


Subject: Evaluation of the mentally disturbed child.

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to you in great anticipation. I want you to examine this child, Tom, and his previous reports. He is suffering from some mental trauma due to a dual relationship of his parents. This child came into my observation last month. Till now, I haven’t observed any visible change in this child’s behavior. Therefore, I want your expert advice regarding further treatment of this Tom.

Kindly suggest the best possible methods which can be adopted for his improvement.

Thanks and Regards,

Dr. Maria.

(Child counselor)

Letter to psychiatrist in mental health counselor scenario


Ms. Henry Duck,

Senior psychologist,

Central Psychiatry Cell,

Capella, U.S.

Subject: Regarding the mental health of the child Tom studying in American Post Graduate School.

Dear Sir,

This child, Tom, 5 year old, is studying at American Post Graduate School. From the school nurse and counselor, I received the first information of his mentally distressed state of mind. From then onwards, I am counseling him. By the consent of his parents and school psychiatrist, I have further decided to re-review his reports under your expert guidance.

You are kindly requested to evaluate the complete health record and mental health of this child, and give us your report accordingly.

Thanks and Regards,

Dr. Maria

Child Counselor.

American Post Graduate School.


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